Under the brand Gabriell s.r.o. (GLL) we produce cosmetics which is made exclusively from natural, sensitively extracted elements.

Our goal is to make cosmetics for clients seeking something pure, gentle and caring for oneself, family and friends.

We use the unique properties of bee products from Slovakia, which we combine with pure, cold-pressed, vegetable oils. Creams are enriched by high-quality essential oils and are packaged in jars or vacuum-sealed bottles of different sizes.

We also offer the "recycling" service, when we re-fill the original already used jars with cream for customers (container undergo sterilization process and have new labeling).

Our GLL creams are an alternative, which is more natural for our body. Besides the basic use of our creams for skin treatment of face, neck and hands, they are also suitable for the body, heavy tired legs, sore feet, make-up removal, lips and minor injuries. They help with dried hair and have certainly many other ways of use, which you will perhaps find on your own.