Welcome at the GLL page.

We are a family that in the moment of having children began to go in a new direction – toward returning to the nature. Changes have been expressed at different levels and they are continuously formed.

At the level of cosmetics, we have manage to live with the cream option available on the market for some time, but still it was not quite right. So we tried to create something of our own and we created the first Elementary cream, which was a great pleasure and surprise for us and our loved ones.

Feedbacks have reassured us about the correctness of this path and continuously fill us with great energy, for which we thank you all.
For this reason, we have decided to move on. Step by step we were adding essential oils and different versions of Aroma creams were created.
Great work was also during creation of Luxury creams that are enriched with rare and valuable essential oils such as vanilla, rose, sandalwood.

A big challenge were the domestic bee products offering an impressive range of effects and use.
Bee products have found their place in the top creams Royal Jelly, where royal jelly is the major component.
The biggest surprise and pleasure when working with these creams was gradual finding of their use and effects.

In today's vast offer of retail chains we have completely forgotten that we only have one body and one skin. It's not an infinite number of sharply demarcated areas, each of which should require a completely different type of treatment plant. When looking back at the history of the Egyptians and the Romans, we have constantly seen that when choosing the right cream we obtain its almost unlimited versatility for use for our entire body.

It has been proven that GLL creams are, apart from the basic use for treatment of skin of face, neck and hands, suitable for the body, heavy tired legs, sore feet, make-up removal, the treatment of the skin of lips and minor injuries.They help with the dried hair and have certainly many other ways of use, which you will perhaps find on your own.

Due to the clean composition of GLL creams we have also looked for the right form of storage, and filling into glass has finally been shown as best. To increase the quality without use of artificial preservatives we have started to vacuum pack some more sensitive creams. The shelf-life of our products is not long, but we try to offer clients other solutions by the package size and price. Since shopping options are no longer limited nowadays, more frequent purchase of our products is getting easier and more accessible while creating the possibility for change in a shorter period of time. We also remain faithful to the personal approach and hand-made production. Our offer is, regarding the number of products, a small one, however, big in the way of use and we want to spread this idea around. If you can find even one single cream in our offer and use it to the maximum, our mission is fulfilled.

Under the slogan "beauty is in simplicity" we will create our offer further.