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  • Essential drink No.1


    Essential drink No.1

    Blend tuned for refreshment, relief and help by digestion, reducing of appetite. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, against sickness, anti-parasitic.

  • Essential drink No.2


    Essential drink No.2

    Relaxing, harmonized blend full of forgiveness with beautiful sweet flowery fragrance. Relieve from anxiety, stress and pressure. Help by sleeping and headache, harmonize nervous system and emotional balance.

  • Essential drink No.3


    Essential drink No.3

    Grounding blend – connection of Essential oils into tempting fragrance emphasizing peace silence and feeling of balance. Relieve by anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of attention, help by nervousness, calm, help to relax, grounding, affect to all glands, balance hormones, blood pressure and sugar.

  • Glass bottle


    Glass bottle, 550ml, with neoprene case of green color